We specialize in the recruitment of Russian workers. Each selection of employees is based on multiple stages, which allows us to search for the candidates that perfectly match the requirements for the position.


We offer leasing, employment and recruitment services:

  • Labour workers/ blue-collar workers - experienced in the construction and agricultural sectors. We outsource manufacturing workers for industrial plants - steel mills, factories, power plants. We offer candidates for welders, electricians, machine operators, drivers and forklift operators.
  • Office workers/ white-collar workers - we outsource employees for the banking sector, IT programmers, analysts, salesmen, engineers, specialists with foreign languages. We can provide experienced and highly qualified employees within various industries.  

Are you looking for professionals, workers without qualifications or experienced specialists?

We can find you a worker with non-standard skills. We own a large database of candidates from Russia, Belarus and other countries of the Eastern Bloc . At the same time, you can also consider the workers hired by us, who are currently in Poland.



We are not an agency that provides workers from Ukraine 'for next day' on temporary contract basis. There are many agencies on the Polish market that do so. Unfortunately, when hiring a worker from Ukraine, you must be aware that he or she may soon want to change the employer or return to Ukraine.


Motivated Workers Agency specializes in hiring various workers from Russia. Due to procedural terms and regulations (visa, work permit etc.), and also, due to the distance to their home country (Russia, Belarus, etc.), our candidates are only inclined to long-term cooperation with a potential employer . Therefore, you do not have to be afraid that the workers brought from Russia will return to their country after a few weeks, as it often happens with employees from Ukraine.  The multi-stage selection and detailed understanding of the employer's needs ensure long-term collaboration. 

Working with us, your company will gain stability. And the investment in new staff will pay off.


All workers are legally employed by us . We strictly obey the law and contract terms. In case of leasing,  Motivated-Workers arranges all necessary documents and presents profiles of candidates who are ready for employment. 

We will do all the work for you. Thanks to us, you will save not only time but also costs related to recruitment of new staff.


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