About us

Darko4in Company Katarzyna Dereviannov was established with the main idea of outsourcing and placing workers mainly from the regions of the Russian Federation and Belarus in companies in Poland and other European countries.


Statistically, approximately 300,000 people leave Russia annually, especially for employment purposes. At the same time, in Poland, only in 2017, there was a shortage of a high number of employees in many sectors. The Grant Thornton International Business Report shows that already 60% of large and medium Polish companies have difficulties with finding right employees with adequate qualifications. Additionally, at the end of 2017, as many as 120,000 job vacancies were registered in employment agenciesThis number is likely to rise gradually in the following years.


That is why we come ahead to help the Polish entrepreneurs find the right employees. Our goal is to provide full recruitment process services for companies in the European Union, mainly in Poland. We own an extensive CURRICULUM VITAE  database of Russian potential workers ready to take up a job in Poland. Moreover, we perfectly know the Russian job market and have extensive experience in conducting marketing activities. As a result, we are able to find the right candidates in a very short time. Let us convince you how quickly we can build a team within your company.   


We operate comprehensively. We fully arrange the preparation of visa documents, residence permits, transport and accommodation of workers. Our clients already receive a list of potential workers who reside in Poland and are ready to start a new job. Start using our services now and ensure stable growth of your company.

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